Creating a Calming Corner at Home

Creating a Calming Corner at Home

Creating a Calming Corner at Home
Every child needs a space to unwind and relax. Creating a calming corner at home with sensory products like Glowy the Weighted Lap Pad can be a game-changer for managing sensory overload.

Choosing the Right Location:
Select a quiet, comfortable spot in your home where your child can retreat when they need a break. This space should be free from distractions and noise.

Incorporating Sensory Products:
Equip the calming corner with items like Glowy, soft pillows, and cozy blankets. The gentle weight and glow of Glowy can provide immediate comfort and a sense of security.

Adding Calming Activities:
Include activities that help your child relax, such as coloring books, puzzles, and sensory bottles. These can help your child engage in quiet play and self-soothing.

A well-designed calming corner can be a sanctuary for your child. Start creating yours today with Glowy and other sensory products to help your child manage sensory overload effectively.
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