“Let’s have lots of fun, hugs, and magical sparkles, day and night!”


Meet Glimmer, the most lovable unicorn you could ever imagine, with a mane that's full of rainbow colors and a smile that radiates just like sunshine. Her eyes, big and full of starry sparkles, are always on the lookout for someone in need of help or a new friend in need of a warm hug. Glimmer is a vibrant splash of joy, painting the world with glitter and the brightest shades of happiness.

Here's a little secret about Glimmer: she's not just any unicorn. As dusk settles, she bursts into a magical glow, lighting up with dancing stars and shimmering love hearts. She is a symbol of strength and joy, transforming the night into a celebration of magical light.

Glimmer adores sliding down rainbows, swooshing from one place to another in a flash of dazzling colors.

Get Ready for a Glowing Summer Adventure!

This summer, Glimmer the Glowing Unicorn will be soaring down her magical rainbow into our world. Are you ready to explore her magical world?

Keep your eyes peeled for a summer filled with sparkle and fun!