“I’m always here to give the best hugs and lend a helping paw!”


Glowy is a playful dog, who is always available to lend a helping paw and provide the best hugs. He is bursting with character and energy, and everyone he meets adores his warm, kind personality.

Glowy is super soft to stroke and has big, kind eyes. He loves to have fun, play games, and embark on magical adventures.

But Glowy is no ordinary dog; he has a superpower – he glows in the dark. With his glowing ability and his magical hugs, he helps everyone he meets feel safe, easing away any worries of the day.

The most important thing to Glowy is being there to share the most magical hugs with everyone he meets.

Glowy The Dog activities

Coloring Sheets

Get ready for some pawsom fun with our coloring sheets starring Glowy.

Each page is a window into Glowy's world, filled with playful scenes and heartwarming moments.

Help make Glowy’s true colors show!

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Spot The Difference

Join Glowy, on this 'Spot the Difference' adventure! Each pair of pictures tells a tale from Glowy's day, but with a playful twist – some things are not quite the same. Can your little detectives spot what's changed?

Download now and let the 'paw-fect' game of spot the difference begin with Glowy!

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Fun Shots of Glowy The Dog